PhD Students at University of Essex

MSc Students at University of Essex

MSc Students at TUM

<1> Andrea-Saumweber: Evaluation of Pricing Schemes for Electricity Markets with Non-convexities and Demand Flexibility
<2> Johannes-Knoerr: Towards the Future of European Day-Ahead Market Design. Bidding Formats, Clearing and Pricing
<3> Sagarika-Kathuria: Lead Times Prediction and Demand Forecasting for Inventory Recommendation System
<4> Paul-Schoenherr: Improvements in Forecasting Demand, Funnel Conversions and Credit Risk by CRM and Process Data
<5> Justus-Wolf: Price Forecasting and Lead Recommendation in An Energy Exchange Market
<6> Jiazheng-Tian: Anomaly Detection for CT Machines Based on System Log Data. An Explainable Machine Learning Approach
<7> Florian Antoni: AI in Supply Chains with Imperfect Information. A Monte Carlo Tree Search Approach

Bsc Students at TUM

<1> Zixi Chen : Measuring the Effects of Social Influence on the Willingness-to-Buy. 
<2> Jakob Hildebrand : Performance-Based Compensations in a Principal-Agent Problem.
<3> Enea Gore : Pay Me in Bitcoin - Setting up Crypto Payment Systems.