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Research fields and interesting topics.

Social Network Analysis & E-Commerce

Nowadays social networks are a big part of our lives, is the way how we interact with each other, how we can work with people in another countries, how we access to some product and with only one click we can get it. Creating a model that predict in some way the evolution over time of this type of networks is crutial, because it gives a better undestanding of the human behaviour under this conditions. See Social Network Analysis as a good reference.

Game Theory & Mechanism Design

A very interesting growing area, game theoretical approaches are used in almost every economic context, moreover, every human interaction with his enviroment can be encapsulated under game theoretical models. Check Algorithmic Game Theory.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

AI is everywhere on these days, and people are conducting research on this all over the globe. Of course there’s concern until what point the boundaries of knowledge can be pushed, is in this context that Open AI was created.


Recent publications and notes.

Popularity Signals in Trial-Offer Markets with Social Influence and Position Bias.

Trial-offer markets and stochastic approximations

Aligning Popularity and Quality in Online Cultural Markets.

Social Network Analysis

Asymptotic Optimality of Myopic Optimization in Trial-Offer Markets with Social Influence.

Social Network Analysis

Study of an Adaptive Dynamic for Repeated Games and its Applications to a Traffic Game.

Applied Mathematics and Game theory

Bio & Interests

A little about me and my interests.

  • 2005-2012

    University of Chile

    Bachelor in Engineering Sciences, major in Mathematics. Mathematical Engineering (Masters equivalent).

  • 2012-2014

    University of Concepcion & Optilog

    I worked as a part time Lecturer, teaching different types of coursework such as Differential Equations, Linear and Non Linear Programming. At the same time I was part of Optilog, a Chilean consulting company who works with different type of industries (Trains, Mining, Wine Industries among others).

  • March 2015- September 2019

    Australian National University & Data61

    I did my PhD in the School of Computer Science at ANU, working in the Computational Media Lab. I also was part of Data61 (former NICTA) from whom I received sponsorship during my PhD.

  • October 2015- June 2016

    University of Michigan

    I worked as a visitor scholar in the Department of Industrial and Operation Engineering at UMich.

  • October 2019-

    Technical university of Munich

    Currently I’m working as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at TUM, working in the Decision Sciences & Systems at the Department of Informatics

  • Work in progress..

About me

Felipe Maldonado

PhD Candidate


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